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Joint Bank Accounts

If you are sending money to TransferWise from your joint bank account, you will be given the option to provide us with the name of the second account holder on the last step of setting up your transfer.


Simply tick 'I'm sending the money from my joint account' and enter their name in full as it appears on the account.



Confirming your joint account

Sometimes both full names on your joint account aren't fully forwarded by your bank when they make the transfer to us. In this case, you will need to upload a document confirming the owners of your joint account by following the steps below.

Simply login to TransferWise and click on the pending transfer. You'll see these options -

Next, select 'Joint account'. You'll see this pop-up - 

You can read through the three menus shown above if you need help with the upload. Once you click 'I'm ready to upload', you'll see this screen - 

You can then upload your document. We'll check it within 2 working days. If there are any issues, we'll be back in contact with you right away.

If you are at all concerned that your joint account transfer won't come through with the correct name information, you can upload a screenshot similar to that mentioned above on our upload page in advance of your transfer.

Please note - If you're paying in from Australian Dollars (AUD), we'll need to see the payment you've made to us on the uploaded statement also, as Australian bank statements do not show your account number.


Please note - If your joint account has more than two holders, please send an e-mail to, quoting your membership number (which begins with "P" and can be found on your account page or setting page) and informing us of the full names of all holders of the account. We will then make a note of this in your profile from our end and there should not be a delay with your transfer.

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