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Why am I sending money to Estonia?

TransferWise has 2 Euro bank accounts, which we use to send and receive Euro deposits - one in Estonia and one in Germany. 

Our account in Estonia is held with LHV Bank who are SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) compliant, meaning a EUR deposit from another SEPA country should not be subject to any fees.

Estonia is in Northern Europe, just south of Finland, and is a member of the EU, NATO and the Eurozone.

Our account in Germany is used primarily to receive deposits. It's held with Deutsche Handelsbank (owned by Deutsche Kontor Privatbank). They are also SEPA compliant, so deposits sent here should also not be subject to any fees.
You will see our EUR account details on 'Step 5', the final Step of setting up a transfer. You can go back and view these at any stage once your transfer has been set up.



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