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Paying by Bank Transfer

When you set up a transfer, you'll need to send the money for it from a bank account held in your own name. Your recipient will also need a bank account in order to receive your transfer.

Creating a Bank Transfer from your online or telephone banking is one of the ways that you can pay for your transfer with us so that we can convert it for you and then send it out to your recipient.

Once you have set up a Transfer from our home page, you will see the relevant details for our bank account. Before paying, please set up a transfer on your TransferWise profile. You can do this by entering the amounts and currencies you need to send on our home page and clicking 'Get Started'. 

The bank account details provided are where we will ask you to transfer the money so that we can complete your transfer for you. These details are shown on 'Step 5', the final part of a transfer. You should note these details down and then log in to your online banking or contact your bank via telephone banking in order to send the money to our account.

If you need to see our bank account details again after setting up the transfer, simply click on 'Pay for this Transfer'. If you haven't sent the money but previously clicked 'I've already paid', you can simply click on 'I haven't paid yet'. This will bring you back to the payment page. If you click on 'Bank Transfer' it will show you the details of the bank account that you should send the money to.

Before you send the money to us, we do ask that you set up the transfer in advance. This is so that we know how to proceed once your bank transfer arrives to us. This means that we can proceed with converting and sending the transfer to your recipient.

Keep in mind

  • The money has to come from your own bank account. If you have a joint account, please see here
  • Cash deposits or cheques paid into our bank account can't be accepted 
  • The bank transfer option is not available for USD. You can read about the options for paying your transfer from USD here
  • If you have multiple transfers set up for the same amount of money on your TransferWise profile, but only send one bank transfer, we will link your money to the transfer that was set up first (the oldest one). If you do wish to complete only one transfer, then it's best to cancel all other transfers so that we know which one you wish to continue with.
  • For refund information see here


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