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Supported Currencies

TransferWise is a currency conversion service, so does not receive and send out the same currency in a single transfer. The only exception for this is our 'Request Money' feature, where GBP-GBP and EUR-EUR payments are possible.

TransferWise can send and receive these currencies:

EUR - Euro - TransferWise can send out and receive Euros anywhere within SEPA*.

*Due to the current situation in Greece the capital controls only allow a limited amount per customer to be sent out of the country within one month period. This limit was recently raised from €500 to €1000, however it is possible that not all banks have implemented this change yet. The deposit to us can only be made via bank transfer.  

GBP - Pounds Sterling - Within the UK (including Gibraltar, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man).

USD - US Dollar - TransferWise can only send out USD to checking accounts in the US. TransferWise can receive USD via ACH bank debit, domestic wire, and international SWIFT payment

AUD - Australian Dollar - TransferWise sends out and receives AUD via Australian local transfer

CHF - Swiss Franc - Within Switzerland and Liechtenstein

CAD - Canadian Dollar - Within Canada. Transfers over $9500 can only be sent by SWIFT. 

PLN - Polish ZłotyWithin Poland

SEK - Swedish Krona - Within Sweden

NOK - Norwegian Krone - Within Norway

DKK - Danish Krone - Within Denmark

HUF - Hungarian Forint - Within Hungary

CZK - Czech Koruna - Within the Czech Republic

BGN - Bulgarian Lev - Within Bulgaria

RON - Romanian Leu - Within Romania

NZD - New Zealand Dollar - Within New Zealand

HKD - Hong Kong Dollar - Within Hong Kong.

JPY - Japanese Yen - Within Japan

BRL - Brazilian Real - Within Brazil - TransferWise can only send payments to or from private individuals within Brazil. Currently we are unable to send business payments to or from BRL.

SGD - Singapore Dollar - Within Singapore. 

HRK - Croatian Kuna - Within Croatia


TransferWise can only send out these currencies (via local transfer)

INR - Indian Rupee - TransferWise sends out INR via RTGS, NEFT, TPT (as appropriate) to INR-denominated accounts in India. 

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit - Within Malaysia.

PHP - Philippine Peso - Within Philippines

PKR - Pakistani Rupee - TransferWise can send payments to private recipients within Pakistan. Currently we are unable to send business payments to PKR.

MAD - Moroccan Dirham - Within Morocco

THB - Thai Baht - Within Thailand

AED - Emirati Dirham - Within the UAE

UAH - Ukranian Hryvna - Within Ukraine 

IDR - Indonesian Rupiah - Within Indonesia

COP - Colombian Peso - Within Colombia - Transfers to Colombia are closed to new customers for the time being. Please register your interest here and we’ll inform you when they reopen.

GEL - Georgian Lari - Within Georgia

TRY - Turkish Lira - Within Turkey and Northern Cyprus (as long as the IBAN begins with TR)

MXN - Mexican Peso - Within Mexico

RUB - Russian Ruble - Within Russia (except Sevastopol and Crimea due to EU sanctions)

KRW - South Korean Won - Within South Korea - Transfers to Korea are closed to new customers for the time being. This is due to a change in our partner's operational requirements. 

These are likely to re-open by the end of August. If you'd like to be informed when they are, please contact us and let us know.

CNY - Chinese Yuan - Within China, from a limited list of countries (see here for the full list)

LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee - Within Sri Lanka

BDT - Bangladeshi Taka - Within Bangladesh

VND - Vietnamese Dong - Within Vietnam

CLP - Chilean Peso - Within Chile


TransferWise can send out these currencies only via SWIFT

ZAR - South African Rand - TransferWise sends out ZAR via SWIFT international payment (We cannot currently receive ZAR).

Where can TransferWise send money?


TransferWise has a network of bank accounts globally in various countries, enabling us to support members in all of our currencies above. The full list of supported TransferWise countries can be found here.


Don’t see what you’re looking for?


We’re working continuously to expand TransferWise to more countries. You can visit our currency wishes page to make sure you're the first to be informed about new routes we add, and you can also stay up to date via our BlogFacebook and Twitter.

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