Verify your business

Verify your business

When you sign up for TransferWise for Business, we need to verify your business before you make a transfer or activate balances. It can take 4–7 working days, but we’ll try our best to speed things up.

Verification is how we keep your business’s money safe, and comply with the regulations in the countries we operate in. We also make sure your business meets our acceptable use policy. And we do everything we can to make it quick, painless, and completely online.

Here’s how to verify your business.

1. Register for free. It’s easy to sign up for your TransferWise for Business account online here.

2. Tell us about your business. You'll need to share details like your business registration, the industry you're in, any online or social presence, and name and birthdate details for all legal business owners.

3. Tell us about yourself. As the admin of this account, we need your personal details and your role in the business. If you’re not the director or shareholder of the company, you may need to include additional information.  

4. Now it’s our turn. Our team will review your profile. We’ll be in touch if we need more information, so make sure to check the email you registered with.

5. That’s it! You’re verified. We’ll send you a confirmation email when we’ve verified your business. This can take 4–7 working days, so hold tight. We’ll try our best to speed things up.
You have the option to set up your first transfer before your account is verified. If you do, we’ll send the money to your recipient right after we finish verification. 

Keep in mind some countries have country-specific requirements. If your business is registered in the US, Australia, Singapore, Japan, or Hong Kong, there may be additional things we need before we verify your account. 

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