Adding TransferWise account details to your Amazon seller account

Adding TransferWise account details to your Amazon seller account

If you sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces, you can withdraw your different currency earnings directly into your TransferWise borderless account. This way, you’ll avoid paying high currency conversion fees.

The TransferWise borderless account details are compatible with Amazon US, Amazon Europe, Amazon UK and Amazon Australia. 

Here’s how you can set up your TransferWise borderless account details to receive local currency payments from your various Amazon seller accounts. 

Setting up account details on Amazon

1. Settings > Account Info > Payment Info > Bank Account Info

2. Add or replace bank details. If you’re replacing existing bank account details, select Replace. If you’re adding new bank account details, select Assign.

3. Select Add new deposit method.

4. Select the bank location. This is the country listed under the address of your balance in TransferWise. For example, EUR balance is Germany, and USD balance is US.

5. Add your bank account details.

  • Amazon Europe: Add your IBAN and BIC details.
  • Amazon US: Add your account number and your 9-digit ACH routing number to receive electronic payments only. This is due to a recent change in USD bank details.
  • Amazon UK: Add your TransferWise GBP sort code and bank account number.
  • Amazon Australia: Add your TransferWise AUD bank state branch code (this is the BSB Code within your TransferWise borderless account), account number and the account holder name. 

6. Verify your bank account details. This is the account number you used when initially setting up your Amazon seller account.

7. Save your details. You can do this by clicking Set deposit method.

8. All set. Now you can withdraw your earnings into your TransferWise balance.

Non-US Residents using Amazon US Marketplace

If you’re not a US resident, Amazon will ask for tax verification. Sign the document stating that you are a non-US citizen and not a taxpayer there. Your payments and new product postings will stay pending until you sign it and send it back to Amazon.

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