How do I tell people my USD bank details have changed?

How do I tell people my USD bank details have changed?

We updated the account holder name for your USD bank details to include "TransferWise FBO" before your name.

From January 1, 2019, we reject any wire payments made to this account that don’t include the updated account holder name. We only reject payments with outdated account holder names sent via wire and SWIFT transfers. This change doesn't affect ACH payments.

Here’s a template email that you can send to the friends, customers, and businesses who pay you via wire transfer. We hope it'll help them understand the change that's needed.

Dear [insert name],

We wanted to let you know there’s a small change to my/our account that affects how you send future USD payments via wire transfer. This won’t affect any ACH payments.

Moving forward, you need to update the account holder field from the current account holder name to TransferWise FBO + current account holder name. If you don’t, our bank will reject the payment. 

We know this isn’t ideal, and appreciate your help! 

Thanks again,

[insert your name]

If the person sending you money isn’t able to add enough characters to include both “TransferWise FBO” and your name, just ask them to use “TransferWise FBO” as the recipient’s name and put your name in the reference field.

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