Borderless account pricing

Borderless account pricing

You can see what the fees are for your TransferWise borderless account below. 

What you can do What that means What it costs
Open a borderless account There are no signup fees when you open your borderless account. Free
Get no monthly/annual account fees We won't lock you into any contract or subscription. Free
Add 40+ currency balances Hold money in 40+ currencies in your account. Free
Get bank details for more than 30 countries Get unique bank details for the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and any country in the Eurozone. Free
Receive money using your borderless bank details Receive payments in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and NZD.  Free
Send money to another borderless account It's free to send money from one borderless account to another.  Free
Add money Add money to your balances for free by making a bank transfer to your borderless bank details. Some other payment methods, like debit or credit cards, may have a fee. Choose how you'd like to pay, and we'll tell you how much it costs — and when the money will arrive.  Check the latest fees 
Convert between currencies in your account We always convert your money using the real exchange rate. And you only need to pay our low, transparent conversion fee.  Check the latest fees 
Send or withdraw money There's a fixed fee to send money from your borderless account to a bank account outside of TransferWise. Check the latest fees 
Pay with your TransferWise debit Mastercard If you have the currency in your account, it's free! If you don't have the currency in your account, we'll charge our conversion fee.
Fees for your TransferWise debit Mastercard

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