When will my money arrive?

When will my money arrive?

When you make a transfer, we’ll give you an estimate for when your money should arrive. But, there are a few situations where you might have questions about timing. Here are some tips to help you understand when it’ll arrive, or why it’s delayed.

1. My transfer should arrive today.
2. My recipient’s details may be wrong.
3. Transfers on weekends and holidays.
4. My recipient says the money hasn’t arrived yet.
5. Getting a receipt.

1. TransferWise says that my transfer’s due to arrive today. 

Great! Really that means your money should’ve arrived already. We say that it’s due today because some banks need a few hours to process transfers from us. 

2. My recipient’s details may be wrong. 

Small things like typos in names — for instance, spelling John Smith as Jon Smith — shouldn’t be a problem for most countries. Your money should still arrive on time. However, for some currencies, such as JPY or RUB, a typo like this can be an issue. Check our Currencies pages for specific details.

If something like an account number is wrong, your money could take longer to arrive, or get returned to us. If your money does get returned to us, we’ll let you know straight away. 

3. Transfers on weekends and holidays.

Not all countries have banking systems that work on weekends or holidays. Our delivery times factor in banking hours of the country you’re sending money to.

But in some parts of the world, banks stop processing transfers early on Fridays.

That means, if your money’s due to arrive on Friday, it may not show in your recipient’s account until the next working day. We’re working to find out which banks do this, and make our delivery estimates more accurate in the process.

4. My recipient says the money hasn’t arrived yet.

We hope to never put you in this position. If your recipient says they haven’t received your money yet, please ask them to check the following:

  • The sender name they’re looking for. Your recipient should be looking for a transaction on their bank statement from TransferWise — they won’t see your name. The transfer might also come from one of our partners, but the amount and reference should still help find the payout.
  • The recipient’s bank details. If they’re not right, your money could take longer to arrive, or get returned to us. 
  • The currency the recipient’s account is in. Your recipient’s account may be in a currency that’s different to the one you’ve sent them. If that’s the case, they could have got a different amount from us because their bank might have converted the money again.

5. Getting a receipt.

Your recipient’s bank may be having problems processing your transfer. They’ll have the money in their system, but won’t have put it into your recipient’s account. 

Our receipt includes all our bank details and, for some currencies, tracking numbers too. That means when your recipient gives it to their bank, the bank should have all the info they need to track down your transfer. 

Here’s how to get your receipt:

  • Log into your TransferWise account
  • Go to your transfer and click View transfer details 
  • You’ll see a Get PDF receipt button. That’ll open up the PDF
  • Save it to your device and send it to your recipient

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