Sending money with Bankgiro

Sending money with Bankgiro

Here you'll find everything you need to know about Bankgiro payments to and from SEK

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Sending a Bankgiro payment to SEK

When making a payment to SEK, you can choose to send to your recipient's account using their Bankgiro number.

Bankgiro numbers are typically 7-8 digits, and separated by a dash (e.g. 123-4567 or 1234-5678).

You can also enter an OCR number as the reference for your payment if your recipient has asked you to include this. (OCR Numbers are 5-25 digits and are typically used as references when paying invoices or business payments.)

Please also note, that we do not support PlusGiro numbers through the Bankgiro feature.


Sending a Bankgiro payment from SEK

When making a payment from SEK you can choose the option to pay by Bankgiro.

We will display our Bankgiro recipient details, which you will need to register TransferWise as a Bankgiro recipient in your online banking (separately, not on our website) and then make a Bankgiro payment to our account using the saved details and the provided P-reference on your payment page.

Once this is done the first time, you'll be able to use Bankgiro to make payments with us much more conveniently in the future using the saved recipient.

The only other thing to keep in mind is that Bankgiro payments may take slightly longer to appear in your TransferWise account due to different clearing times than banks.This extra time is reflected in the delivery estimate when you create the payment.

Please also note, that we do not support PlusGiro through the Bankgiro feature.

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