Adding TransferWise for Online Bill Payments in Canada

Adding TransferWise for Online Bill Payments in Canada

Here's how to send CAD via Bill Payment from your Bank of Montreal (BMO) bank account.
  1. Log into your online BMO account
  2. Select the "Payments and Transfers" tab at the top of the screen
  3. From the drop down select *Make a Payment*
  4. Click on "Add a Payee"
  5. Enter in the following details about TransferWise
    • Payee Province - ON (Ontario)
    • Payee Name - TransferWise  
    • Account number- Your TransferWise membership number (Starts with P, no spaces or dashes)
  6. Click "Verify Payee"
Now that TransferWise has been added as a payee you are now able to make the OBT bill payment.

To initiate the payment to TransferWise you will need go back to the “Make a Payment” page and make the transfer. Simply choose which of yo ur accounts you want to choose from, your new payee from the drop down (TRANSFERWISE), the amount you wish transfer, and the date.

Submit the transfer and your money is on its way.

The money should reach our account in 0-1 business days. And we'll notify you via email once they have.

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