For Further Credit (FFC) payments

For Further Credit (FFC) payments

A ’For Further Credit’ (FFC) payment is a transfer where the money is sent to the final beneficiary’s bank account via an intermediary bank.

Unfortunately, we cannot send FFC payments where the final beneficiary account is based outside of the U.S. If this is the case, then the payment will bounce back or be stuck in the intermediary bank.

FFC payments where the final beneficiary is in the U.S. are also not recommended via TransferWise as these often need to be sent by Wire, and all of our USD payouts are made via the ACH network or SWIFT.

If a domestic FFC payment is the only option, we remind you to make sure the below example requirements are met.

John has an account in a small bank in the US – Bank A.
Bank A processes it’s payments via a bigger bank in the US – Bank B.

So for John to receive money to his account in Bank A, he needs to enter the recipient details as following:

Recipient’s name: Bank A
Recipient’s account: Bank A’s account in Bank B
Recipient’s ABA: Bank B’s electronic routing number
Payment reference: John’s account number in Bank A*

If you want to send money to a US bank account using an intermediary bank, please check the following:

- *Every bank has different reference requirements. Please check with final beneficiary’s bank/credit union what information is needed in the reference field. Please note that TransferWise can forward maximum 10 digits in the reference field.

- The intermediary bank must be able to process for further credit payments sent as domestic ACH third party payments.

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