Transfers over 50,000 BRL per year from Brazil

Transfers over 50,000 BRL per year from Brazil

Is there a new limit of 50,000 BRL for sending money from Brazil?

No, this limit doesn’t affect how much you can transfer per year. All it means is that if you want to send 50,000 BRL or more per tax year, we must ask for additional documents before we can resume your transfer. If you paid for any of your transfers by bank transfer, we'll only ask you for this additional verification once you send a total of 50.000,00 BRL during this tax year.

TransferWise determines tax year from 1st April to 31st March.

Why do I need to be verified? Is it required by the Brazilian government?

No, this isn’t required by the government. Our banking partner in Brazil has requested this verification, in compliance with the foreign exchange market regulations in Brazil, particularly Law 4131, from 3rd September 1962 and all its revisions.

All financial institutions authorised by the Brazilian Central Bank must implement verification policies and procedures in order to prevent money laundering, as it is stated by the Law 9613, from 3rd March 1998.

What documents do I have to submit in order to be verified?

You’ll need to upload 3 documents:

1. Proof of ID. We can accept a high quality photo or scan of 1 of the following documents:
  • your identity card (RG which must be issued in the past 10 years),
  • your driver’s license
  • your passport
 All 4 corners of the document need to be visible. Read more about verifying your ID.

2. Proof of address. This could be a recent utility bill or a bank or credit card statement or a letter from a financial institution.

Document needs to be dated within the last 3 months and needs to show:
  • your name
  • your address
  • the date of issue
  • the logo/name of issuing entity
  • the purpose of the document (we cannot accept an image of the envelope)
Please make sure the details are legible on the copy you are uploading. You can read more about verifying your address.

3. Proof of income. This should be a PDF copy of your most recent Brazilian tax return and its filing receipt (both full documents are necessary). You can download both from the Receita Federal website. The proof of income needs to show that your income is superior to 50.000,00 BRL, however, if you plan to continue sending money from Brazil during this tax year, your proof of income needs to show that you have financial capacity to transfer the amounts you're sending. We can only accept proof of income issued in Brazil.

If I currently live abroad, how can I get a copy of my tax return documents?

You can download your tax return with the filing receipt directly from Brazil's Internal Revenue Office website. To download the full declaration, you might need to use the IRPF app.

I also earn income abroad, can I send you documents that show funds earned outside of Brazil?

No. As you are sending from BRL, we need to verify that your income, specifically in current tax year and in Brazil, is enough to fund your transfers. We also need to verify the source of that income.

My parents/partner support me, I don’t receive any other income in Brazil. What can I send?

In case you are a dependent of someone then please upload the tax declaration, and filing receipt of the person who is supporting you. The declaration must show you as their dependent and enough funds to support both the declarant and all the dependent(s) who are of age (18+).

Even if you are a dependent of someone, you still need to pay your boletos from your own personal bank account.

What if I am no longer a tax resident in Brazil?

We won't be able to verify your income and help you with future transfers.

How can I upload the documents? 

You can upload your ID, address document and your proof of income. And let us know once you’ve sent them.
When you click on the link above to upload your documents, you’re using an encrypted connection, which means no one can intercept the document as you send it to TransferWise. Your data is kept securely within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

How long does it take for my documents to be approved? 

In most cases, verification takes between 2–4 working days.

Do I only have to do this once?

If you prove that, for example, your financial capacity is 60.000,00 BRL, but you're sending more than that amount in the tax year, we'll ask you for additional supporting documentation. We'll have to verify your financial capacity every tax year or when your financial capacity has been reached.

We'll need to verify your proof of ID and proof of address only once though.

What happens if I don’t send the documents?

You don’t have to send us the documents. However, if you want to continue sending BRL with TransferWise, this verification cannot be skipped.

What if my situation is a little bit different?

Please get in touch with our support team so that we can take a look at your specific case and let you know what documents we need from you. 

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