Sending US dollars to countries outside the US

Sending US dollars to countries outside the US

With TransferWise, you can send US dollars to bank accounts that are denominated in USD outside the US. This way, businesses who need to pay USD invoices or send money to an account outside the US can do so without using their bank.

USD is sent to bank accounts outside the US via the SWIFT payment network. This is different than a regular TransferWise transfer and might take a day or two longer. It also costs a bit more but still cheaper than more traditional methods.

If you're sending USD to a bank account in Hong Kong, we'll pay out your USD locally through CHATS system.

How it works


  1. Set up your transfer on the TransferWise website. You’ll need to add a new recipient. We’re working hard to bring this feature to the mobile app soon.
  2. Select the recipient bank account country. Even though the account’s in USD, choose the country you’re sending money to. 
  3. Add the account number and SWIFT code of the recipient’s bank account. Transferring to an email address isn't supported yet.
  4. Pay for your transfer. We’ll send the USD to your recipient as usual.

Your recipient may have to pay a fee to their bank when the money arrives — it’s a part of using SWIFT.

How much it costs

TransferWise supports sending USD to people outside of the US, but to do this we need to send your transfer via the SWIFT network.

Because SWIFT incurs additional costs, we will add a fee of 3.20 USD to your transfer to pay for this. We’re working hard to keep this additional fee as low as possible for you and hope to drop this further over time. 

Your bank or other banks the money passes through on the way may also charge you a fee, so your recipient might get less. Unfortunately, there's no way for TransferWise to know what this will be in advance. 

Where you can send USD

You can’t send USD to every country yet. Here's a list of the countries you can send USD to

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