Transfers from BRL

Transfers from BRL

Here you'll find everything you need to know about sending transfers from Brazilian real (BRL). 

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If you're not a tax resident in Brazil or submitted the Comunicação de Saída already this year ― we can't currently process your transfer from BRL.

You can find information about sending money to Brazil on our To BRL page.

Transfers from BRL
BRL refunds
Additional notes
Ouvidoria service


Transfers from BRL                                                                                 alt


Basic information   Notes

Time for your money to reach TransferWise

By boleto

1–2 working days



Up to 1 working day

Maximum amount


Paying by boleto
9,000 BRL per transfer and per calendar month. 

Paying by bank transfer
If the address on your account is Brazilian, the limit is 30,000 BRL per transfer. There's no limit per calendar month.

If your address is outside of Brazil, your limit per transfer is 9,000 BRL.

Sending over 50,000 BRL per year
You'll also need to get verified if you'd like to send more than 50,000 BRL per year

How to send money


You can download the boleto directly from our website. On the app, we'll show you the boleto details on your screen. It expires within 1 working day maximum so please pay promptly (the expiry time is also shown on the boleto)


Bank transfer
(by TED only)

Once you choose to pay by bank transfer, we will show you our Brazilian account details. You can transfer money to that account from your online banking or by going to your local branch. Please note we can only accept TED payments. There's a 7 BRL discount if you pay by bank transfer. 

Required details    

Customer full name


This should already be entered as part of your account details

Customer address


This should already be entered as part of your account details



Your CPF should be 11 digits, and you must enter your own CPF.




Amount lock transfers


The currency you're sending to must also be able to receive fixed amounts. Please see our other Currencies articles for more information

Business transfers


The sender and recipient of a transfer from Brazil must be a private individual

Transfers via app



Guaranteed rate Yes  

Rate limit


When creating a transfer from Brazil, you are subject to a rate limit of 5%. This means that if, in the time between creating your transfer and TransferWise completing your transfer, the rate drops by 5% or more, then your transfer may be delayed

BRL refunds

Bank transfer

In most cases, TransferWise can refund BRL bank transfer payments as long as we have your money and your transfer has not yet been completed. The time it takes to refund a bank transfer depends on the amount you paid ― it takes 1–2 working days for refunds under 9150 BRL, and 2–5 working days for refunds over 9,150 BRL.  


In most cases, TransferWise can also refund a boleto payment if we still have your money and your transfer has not yet been completed. We will ask you for the following details:

  • Bank name
  • Branch number
  • Account number
  • Account type
  • Account holder name
  • CPF

We’ll also need the proof of payment of your boleto, which must show your name and bank details. Once we have this information, it takes 1–2 working days for the boleto to be refunded. 

Additional notes

Please be aware that the CPF you enter during transfer creation must be your own, and must be active. If the number is wrong, or does not match your details as entered on TransferWise, our partner bank in Brazil will need to fully verify you in order to refund your money to you.

It can take up to 2 working days for a boleto to clear to our account. If your transfer is set up at the end of the month, your boleto may not clear to our account until the new month has begun. If this is the case, the amount of that boleto will go towards your monthly limit for the new month. For example, if you set up a transfer on the 31st January, and the boleto clears on the 2nd February, the amount of that boleto will count towards your 9,000 BRL limit for February. 

The limit of 50,000 BRL applies from 1st April to 31st March. If you wish to send more than 50,000 BRL within this time, this is possible. We do, however, need to ask you to send us some additional information

Ouvidoria service

If you make a transfer to or from BRL, we provide an Ouvidoria service. Because TransferWise is a European company, this is only for our Brazilian customers. At the moment, it's only available by email. 

If you have an issue that hasn't been resolved by our customer support team, you can send your case to the Ouvidoria. You'll get a response within 2 business days, and a final response within 10 business days. 

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