THB Transfers

THB Transfers

Here you'll find everything you need to know about sending to Thai baht (THB).

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Please note: As our financial partners perform additional information and security checks from time to time, we may require more information about transfers to this currency. If this is required for your transfer, we will let you know by email.

Sending to THB
FET forms


Sending to THBalt

Basic information   Notes
Delivery time 1–2 working days After payout. TransferWise can take up to 2 working days to convert your money after we get it
Maximum amount (per transfer) 2,000,000 THB  
Countries we can send to Thailand only  
Additional receiving banking fees None  
Required details    
Recipient full name Yes When sending to individuals, please include first name and surname
Recipient full address Yes  
Recipient local account number Yes THB local account number should be 5–16 digits
Recipient SWIFT/BIC Code Yes Once you begin typing in the SWIFT/BIC code for the recipient bank, you'll be able to choose the correct bank from a dropdown list
Transfer reason Yes You'll need to give a reason for your transfer when sending to Thailand
Amount Lock Transfers Yes The currency you're sending from must also be able to send fixed amounts. Check our Currencies articles for more information
Reference Email only The reference will not arrive on your recipient's bank account. Instead it will be sent out via email to the email address you added with the recipient name and bank details


FET forms


What’s a Foreign Exchange Transaction (FET) form?

A FET form is a document that confirms money sent into Thailand came from abroad. When a bank receives a transfer of 50,000 USD or more, they have to send a FET form to the Bank of Thailand to report the money.

You’ll need a FET form if you’re a foreigner buying property in Thailand, or if you’re applying for a Thai visa.

Why can’t TransferWise give me a FET form?

TransferWise isn’t authorised by the Bank of Thailand to issue FET forms. It’s because of how we work: when you send money with us, we use our Thai banking partners to send out your money locally. It doesn’t cross any borders, so it doesn’t show up as a foreign transaction.

How can I get a FET form?

The recipient needs to ask for a FET form from the partner bank that TransferWise paid your money out from. You can check which bank this is on your transfer receipt. To find it:

  1. Go to the transfer in the Activity section of your TransferWise account
  2. Click View transfer details
  3. Click Download PDF receipt
  4. Go to the second page to find banking partner details

Transfers sent by Bangkok Bank

If the transfer was sent out by Bangkok Bank and the recipient has an account with them, the recipient needs to go to their branch of Bangkok Bank with:

  • their Bangkok Bank Savings Passbook, or a statement showing the transaction
  • their passport
  • the agreement of the purchase of a condominium, if buying property with the money

If the transfer was sent out by Bangkok Bank and the recipient doesn’t have an account with them, they’ll need to reach out to Bangkok Bank’s head office at 333 Silom Road Bangrak with:

  • credit receipt of the specific bank transaction
  • their passport
  • the agreement of the purchase of a condominium, if buying property with the money

Once Bangkok Bank has checked these documents, they’ll issue a confirmation letter to the recipient. They can then use this to prove that the money came from abroad.

Bangkok Bank charges a 100 THB fee for the FET letter.

Transfers sent by Kasikorn Bank

If the transfer was sent out by Kasikorn Bank, the recipient needs to go to their nearest Kasikorn Bank International Trade centre. They’ll need to bring:

  • their Bank Savings Passbook or statement showing the transaction
  • their passport
  • their visa (if applicable)

Kasikorn Bank may charge an administration fee.

Additional information

Sometimes, we might send your transfer through a different banking partner who can’t provide a FET. This might be because of a technical issue, or some other unforeseen event.

If you know you definitely need a FET, it’s best that you send a SWIFT transfer with your bank this time. SWIFT is a more expensive method, because it’s not a local transfer. But it does mean you'll be able to prove that the money came from abroad.

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