MYR Transfers

MYR Transfers

Here you'll find everything you need to know about sending to and from Malaysian ringgit (MYR). 

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Sending to MYR
Sending from MYR

Sending to MYRalt

Basic information   Notes
Delivery time 2 working days After payout. TransferWise can take up to 2 working days to convert your money after we get it
Maximum amount
(per transfer)
195,000 MYR For non-resident accounts, the maximum amount you can transfer is 10,000 MYR
Countries we can send to Malaysia only  
Additional receiving banking fees None  
Required details    
Recipient full name Yes When sending to individuals, please include first name and surname. There is a 50 character limit, and please only use standard Latin letters (a–z)
Recipient email address Yes The reference that you enter will be sent to your recipient via email
Recipient local account number Yes MYR local account number should be 7–20 digits
Recipient BIC/SWIFT code Yes BIC/SWIFT code should be 8–11 characters (letters and numbers)
Amount Lock Transfers Yes The currency you're sending from must also be able to send fixed amounts. Please see our other Currencies articles for more information


Sending from MYR

Basic information   Notes
Time it takes for your money to reach TransferWise Up to 1 working day  
Maximum amount
(per day)
30,000 MYR  
How to send money By bank transfer only Make sure the name on the bank account you're sending money from matches the name on your TransferWise account
Who can send money Only Malaysian citizens and expats can send from MYR  
Required details    
Your full name Yes Make sure your name matches your ID
Your full address Yes  
Your Employment Pass Yes If you're an expat, you'll need to send us a copy of the working visa page on your local Malaysian ID so we can check your employment status. We can also accept dependent visas
Guaranteed rate 24 hours

As long as we receive your money within 24 hours, you're guaranteed to get this rate. 

If we get your money after 24 hours, we'll convert it based on the current exchange rate

Business transfers No You can't send MYR from businesses in Malaysia

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