Incompatible Accounts & Currencies

Incompatible Accounts & Currencies

When you send money to TransferWise, there are a few types of bank accounts that we can't receive from, because they don't include your name as the sender.

These include, but are not limited to:


  • Brokerage accounts*
  • Estate accounts
  • Stripe Accounts**
  • PayPal Accounts***
  • Skrill Accounts
  • Contis Group Accounts
  • Card One Banking

*We can receive money from USD brokerage accounts, but only if the money is sent from an account in your name. We might ask for a document to back up account ownership.

**Stripe needs the recipient account to be debitable (which our accounts don't support yet). So, Stripe payments in USD or EUR sent to us sometimes fail, and GBP payments never make it at all.

***PayPal and borderless accounts can be linked. PayPal sends you two small deposits and you'll need to confirm the amounts so they can verify your account ownership. But, if PayPal is trying to debit your borderless account to pull these amounts back, it won't work. This is called debiting and your borderless account doesn't support it yet. Don't worry, we're working on this feature already!
If linking your borderless accounts to PayPal fails, you can get proof of account ownership by going to the Balances section of your account, choosing the balance you want to link to, then clicking on More and Download a statement. Because this statement has your name and account details on it, it works as proof that you own the account. 

Essentially, we cannot receive money from any bank account where the transfer to us will not bear your name as the account holder, and will instead be a third party name. If you're unsure about this, it's best to double check with your bank.

This is also the case when adding money to your borderless account. We can't accept deposits from any account which doesn't bear your name as the sender. However, if you're making a transfer to your borderless account using your local bank details, then this can come from a third party account, like Amazon.

We can't support transfers to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, directly or indirectly, through our services. Our full list of supported currencies shows everything we currently support.

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