Can I make repeat transfers?

Can I make repeat transfers?

If you've made a transfer before and want to repeat it, you can do this automatically from three different places:

  • When you are logged in to TransferWise, click on the transfer you wish to repeat. You can then simply click the 'repeat transfer' button. You'll have a chance to review all the details before you confirm the transfer and pay.

  • From the transfer page of a completed transfer - click 'repeat this transfer' in the top right hand corner.

  • From a payment confirmation page - you can access the transfer status page from the link in the email we send you when a transfer has been completed. Just click 'repeat this transfer' in the top right hand corner when you reach the transfer status page.

This will create a transfer with exactly the same details as your previous transfer, except with the current mid-market exchange rate.

This is available for all transfers to another account, including transfers that had an amount lock** and guaranteed rate transfers*** 

**The amount locked will be the same as the original transfer, the amount lock deposit will adjust for the new transfer according to the current rate.

***The rate for the new transfer being fixed according to the currency route that you are sending to. This will be at the mid-market rate when you create the repeat transfer.


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