Akbank T.A.S. SWIFT codes for Turkey

The SWIFT/BIC code for AKBANK T.A.S. is AKBKTRISXXX. However, Akbank T.A.S. uses different SWIFT/BIC codes for the different types of banking services it offers. If you’re not sure which code you should use, check with your recipient or with the bank directly.

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What’s the SWIFT code for Akbank T.A.S.?



Bank name AKBANK T.A.S.
Country Turkey

Why do I need Akbank T.A.S. SWIFT code?

If you're making an international transfer to a Akbank T.A.S. bank account, or if someone is transferring you cash to your Turkey based Akbank T.A.S. bank account, you'll be asked for a BIC/SWIFT code along with details like the bank address. However, using traditional banks to send money abroad can be slow and expensive. Try TransferWise for fast, cheap and secure international money transfers.

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Local branches in Turkey

01010 Adana

Cinarli Mah. Ataturk Caddesi 17 01010 Adana

06041 Ankara

Ataturk Bulvari 5/B Ulus 06041 Ankara

07001 Antalya

Elmali Mah. Kazim Ozalp Caddesi 37 07001 Antalya

16020 Bursa

Karaseyh Mah. Ataturk Caddesi 49 16020 Bursa

Denizli Branch

Saraylar Mah. Oguzhan Cadessi 8 20100 Denizli

27001 Gaziantep

Dugmeci Mah. Suburcu Caddesi 28 27001 Gaziantep

31200 Iskenderun

Maresal Cakmak Caddesi 7 31200 Iskenderun

Bahcekapi Branch

Buyuk Postane Caddesi 47 Eminonu 34435 Istanbul

Galata Branch

Eski Gumruk Sok. 2 Karakoy 80030 Istanbul

Kadikoy Branch

Sogutlucesme Caddesi 15/17 Kadikoy 81320 Istanbul

Beyoglu Branch

Istiklal Caddesi 219 Beyoglu 80073 Istanbul

Main Branch

Sabanci Center 80745 Istanbul

International Operations

Eski Buyukdere Cad. No 29 80670 Istanbul

Head Office

Sabanci Center 34330 Istanbul

35210 Izmir

Cumhuriyet Bulvari 33 35210 Izmir

41001 Izmit

Hurriyet Caddesi 89 41001 Izmit

Treasury Operations


33001 Mersin

Ataturk Caddesi 1 33001 Mersin

Mersin Free Zone Branch

Serbest Bolge 1. Caddesi L Adasi 19 33020 Mersin

55189 Samsun

Kale Mah. Gazi Caddesi 43 55189 Samsun

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Always confirm the details with your recipient

When sending or receiving money, always check the SWIFT code with your recipient or bank.

If you think you've used the wrong SWIFT code to send money, you should get in contact with your bank right away. They may be able to cancel the transaction. If it's too late to cancel, you might have to contact the recipient yourself and request that they return your money.

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Do Akbank T.A.S. SWIFT codes change from branch to branch?

Each Akbank T.A.S. branch has a unique SWIFT code. You can check the correct SWIFT codes for your Akbank T.A.S. branch here. However, if you’re not sure, or can’t find the branch code, you can use the 8 character head office SWIFT code, and your payment will still make its way to your account.

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