Branches for Bank Of Taiwan in Taiwan

Below you can find the local branches for Bank Of Taiwan in Taiwan.

Local branches

  • Tai Pao Branch Sianghe 1st Road, Sianghe Village Chiayi, Taiwan
  • Jhubei Branch 16 Guangming 6th Road Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Offshore Banking Branch 120 Section 1 Chung King South Road 10036 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Shihlin Branch 248 Chung Shan North Road 111 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hsinchuang Branch 269 Chung Cheng Road 242 Hsinchuang, Taiwan
  • Ta-Chia Branch 965 Chung Shan Road, Section 1 437 Taichung, Taiwan
  • Science-Based Industrial Park Branch 5 Industry East Road Vi 300 Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • Shu-Lin Branch 166 Chung Shan Road, Section 1 238 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hsin Tien Branch 145 Pei Hsin Road, Section 2 231 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Department of International Banking No.162, Bo-Ai Road 10043 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Li Ming Branch 6-1 37 Li Ming Road 400 Taichung, Taiwan
  • Min Sheng Branch 67 Fu Sheng North Road 105 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Yung Kang Branch 513 Hsiao Tung Road 710 Tainan, Taiwan
  • San Dou Branch 130 San Dou 3rd Road 802 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • Taipei World Trade Center Branch Twtc International Building 110 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Ta an Branch 165 Hsin Yi Road, Section 4 106 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hua Chiang Branch Taipei, Taiwan
  • Chao Chou Branch 104 Hsin Sheng Road Chauochou Chen Pingtung, Taiwan
  • Su-Ao Branch 97 Chung Shan Road, Su-Ao Chen I-Lan, Taiwan
  • Taya Office 210 Ming Sheng Road Taya 428 Taichung, Taiwan

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