Lesotho Loti (LSL) Exchange Rates

Currency name

Lesotho Loti

Currency symbol


LSL exchange rates

  ??currency.US Dollar_en_GB?? ??currency.Euro_en_GB?? ??currency.British Pound_en_GB?? ??currency.Indian Rupee_en_GB?? ??currency.Japanese Yen_en_GB?? ??currency.Russian Ruble_en_GB?? ??currency.Australian Dollar_en_GB?? ??currency.South African Rand_en_GB??
From Lesotho Loti 0.05729 0.04851 0.04386 4.28639 6.12972 4.17973 0.08021 1.00005
To Lesotho Loti 17.45350 20.61520 22.79860 0.23330 0.16314 0.23925 12.46790 0.99995

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