5 Australian Dollar to Thai Baht

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1 AUD = 22.47500 THB

Mid-market exchange rate at 08:35 UTC

AUD to THB conversion chart

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Banks and other transfer services have a dirty little secret. They add hidden markups to their exchange rates - charging you more without your knowledge. And if they have a fee, they charge you twice.

TransferWise never hides fees in the exchange rate. We give you the real rate, independently provided by Reuters. Compare our rate and fee with Western Union, ICICI Bank, WorldRemit and more, and see the difference for yourself.

Sending 5.00 AUD withRecipient gets(Total after fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 AUD → THB)
TransferWiseCheapest74.62 THB1.68 AUD22.4750
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Powered by TransferWise

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74.62 THB1.68 AUD22.4750

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Banks often advertise free or low-cost transfers, but add a hidden markup to the exchange rate. TransferWise gives you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, so you can make huge savings on international transfers.

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Conversion rates Australian Dollar / Thai Baht
1 AUD 22.47500 THB
5 AUD 112.37500 THB
10 AUD 224.75000 THB
20 AUD 449.50000 THB
50 AUD 1123.75000 THB
100 AUD 2247.50000 THB
250 AUD 5618.75000 THB
500 AUD 11237.50000 THB
1000 AUD 22475.00000 THB
2000 AUD 44950.00000 THB
5000 AUD 112375.00000 THB
10000 AUD 224750.00000 THB
Conversion rates Thai Baht / Australian Dollar
1 THB 0.04449 AUD
5 THB 0.22247 AUD
10 THB 0.44494 AUD
20 THB 0.88988 AUD
50 THB 2.22470 AUD
100 THB 4.44939 AUD
250 THB 11.12348 AUD
500 THB 22.24695 AUD
1000 THB 44.49390 AUD
2000 THB 88.98780 AUD
5000 THB 222.46950 AUD
10000 THB 444.93900 AUD