Discover Mass Pay Without Borders.

Welcome to a world of superfast payouts with the real exchange rate. Via file upload or API integration.

Batch Payments

Join thousands of businesses making payroll and paying suppliers via our new file upload tool.

Whether it's ten invoices at the end of the month, or paying a roster of thousands on gig economy workers, this tool will let you blast through multiple transfers quicker. Simply upload a file and fund all transfers with a single payment.

And the really great part? Every single payment will go with the real exchange rate, like the one you see on Google. Does your bank do that?

A powerful API

Our Payouts API is built on the same payment infrastructure that powers our game-changing money transfer products.

From the moment you integrate our API, every single payout will go with the real exchange rate. So you'll save money. Every single payout will flow seamlessly through your preferred workflow. So you'll save time. And every single payout will arrive in full, exactly where you wanted, when you wanted. So you'll save on headaches too.

Used by businesses and commercial banks like N26 and LHV, our international payment rails are robust at any scale.

Global convenience

We go where your business goes, with full payment coverage. Global and domestic.

Reliable & secure

We're FCA regulated, with bank-grade security protecting the £500m we move across borders every month.

Ready to scale

We've built stable, scalable technology on a global network of local bank accounts. So you don't have to.