Save time and money when you pay international invoices.

Whether you want to simplify monthly payments or handle a one-off invoice, TransferWise could save you nearly 4% compared to PayPal.

Compare your next invoice and see how much you could save.

It doesn't matter if the invoice is billed in your currency or not. Our calculator and mobile app makes it easy to send the right amount.

If the invoice is billed in a foreign currency, go ahead and enter the exact amount in the second box of the calculator. If the invoice is in your home currency, enter the exact amount in the first box.

Either way, you’ll always get the real exchange rate and low fees. And could save nearly 4% each time you pay an invoice compared to PayPal. We're also beta testing our business card.

Eliminate receiving fees and save your recipients up to 7%.

Unlike PayPal and most banks, we'll never charge your recipients to receive payments. This means we'll never take a chunk of what they're owed as fee.

PayPal could take over 3% as profit. And that's after your payment is converted at an exchange rate that's nearly 4% higher than ours.

Get a multi-currency account to better prep for future payments.

A TransferWise account is a borderless account. It lets you hold money and move it into over 40 currencies. So if you see a great exchange rate, take advantage and convert your money for future payments.

Simplify recurring invoices with the batch payments tool.

Our batch payments tool lets you create and send multiple transfers with just one payment – by simply uploading a file. Try it out

It'll cut the time it takes to tackle monthly payments or stacks of invoices. And it works everywhere that TransferWise does – at the same price and speed as our individual transfers.


When the invoice isn't in your local currency, it makes most sense to utilize TransferWise.

Tuukka Koskinen, COO and founder of Zervant, a company offering businesses free invoicing software

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Pay USD invoices to vendors outside the US.

Need to pay an invoice or send USD to a vendor or contractor based abroad? With TransferWise, you can now send USD to USD-denominated bank accounts located in countries outside the US, including China.

Just set up a transfer to USD like you normally would – make sure the country you’re sending money to is updated. keep in mind it'll cost a bit more. Learn more

Handle paper and electronic invoices.

Regardless of how your recipient invoices you, you can pay them with TransferWise. All you need are their bank details or email address.

If you have their bank details, the money will go right to their bank account. If you have their email, we'll send them a secure link to create an account and collect their money. Learn more

Here's how you pay an invoice with TransferWise:

Open your account

Open your account

Once you’re registered and your profile is complete, you can start paying invoices in multiple currencies.

Set up your payment

Set up your payment

You just need your recipient's bank details or email address. Choose to pay with any currency in your account, or wire transfer.

Pay the invoice

Pay the invoice

The recipient gets money in their currency directly from TransferWise’s local bank account.

Get your free account quickly and easily online.

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