What’s next for multi-user access?

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Multi-user access is the most requested feature from our business customers, and we’re working hard to make it happen. Stay up to date with all the latest news here.

FeatureStatusLatest update
Add Viewers to your accountReleasedYou can now give people view-only access to your account — like your accountant, or anyone else who needs to do financial reporting.
Add Admins to your accountClosed testing Q2 2020We’ll test the beta version of Admins with customers — a new role that will let you give other people full access to your business account. Sign up for the beta waitlist.
Add Admins to your accountFirst release to all businesses TBCWe’ll release the Admin role to all businesses. Please keep in mind that this first release won’t be the final one. Admins will be able to make payments on behalf of a business, but some other things might not be in place yet.
Set up payment approvalsIn researchIt’s very early days, but we’ve started testing initial designs for payment approvals — where one person sets up a payment that needs to be approved by someone else.

Launching multi-user access is our number one priority
We know how important multi-user access is for our customers, and getting it released as soon as possible is the number one priority for all teams working on TransferWise for Business.

Join the multi-user access beta
If you're interested in helping us shape multi-user access, sign up for the beta waitlist. You can check back here for the latest updates.

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