TransferWise Stories #2: Photography without borders

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We're continually amazed by the amazing stories that our customers tell us. As the terms 'digital nomad' and 'next-pat' have started to become more common we're proud to be a part of movement of people truly living globally. In this, the second in our #WiseStories series focussing on TransferWise customers, we hear from Dave Currey. Meet Dave

Dave is a wildlife photographer and environmental campaigner who lives in Ibiza, but has spent much of his life travelling the world. Dave's fascination with photography started early - he grew up near Epping Forest in the UK. After studying photography at University he embarked on a career as a wildlife photographer - some of his amazing work accompanies this post and you can see more on his website here. Environmental campaigning

In 1984, having spent time campaigning with Greenpeace, Dave co-founded the Environmental Investigation Agency with Allan Thornton, an ex-Greenpeace director, and Jennifer Lonsdale, also connected to Greenpeace. They founded the EIA on the belief that there was room for an organisation that gathered documentary evidence to form the basis of campaigns - and also provide materials for media coverage. Dave was initially the EIA's campaigns director and later spent time as executive director. He's worked as a senior investigator throughout - highlighting campaigns spanning from bringing awareness to whaling in the Faroe islands to the dangers posed to the Indonesian rainforests. While he no longer works for the EIA, preferring to pursue photography, he works closely with them as a consultant on ongoing campaigns: "I've always felt an urge to speak up when I think something’s wrong, especially when I can see how my work has had an actual impact on people’s lives. When I worked in Indonesia we trained more than 100 NGOs in photography, something that came to have a direct impact on their operations. Projects like this have resulted in not being able to stop trying to pursue change when I see wrongdoings. When you know you can succeed, it's impossible to stop." Dave's blog is an incredible read on everything from conservation to photography - you can check it out here. Dave and TransferWise Dave first found TransferWise through a recommendation from a friend. With property in London, but living globally, he estimates the savings he's accrued through TransferWise over the banks are in the thousands. He's a big fan of the idea of cutting out the banks - not just because they charge hefty fees when transferring his hard earned dollars, but also because he believes that the banks as an institution have too much power. Throughout his work he's seen the force of the internet first hand in his work, particularly when the people he worked with in developing countries were suddenly able to contact him online, rather than them waiting for a phone call. He's passionate about the internet bringing people together - something he feels TransferWise does very well.
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Make sure you follow Dave on Twitter and Facebook - and head to his website to hear more about his work. You can find the full TransferWise Stories series here.

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