Top 10 Most Influential Canadians in the U.S.

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Who are the most influential Canadians living in the U.S.?

Using Twitter engagement data we created a list of well known public figures living in the U.S. (but born in Canada).

Not surprisingly, Justin Bieber came out top - winning in all categories. His 76.5 million followers means he has more followers than the rest of the top 10 combined. So, not surprising that his engagement metrics are off the charts.

The biggest surprise? How about Ted Cruz, making waves seeking the Republican Party nomination.

Cruz may not have the giant followings and crazed fans of Bieber, Drake and Avril Lavigne, but he was the only influencer not from the world of entertainment to make the top ten. The U.S. senator came in second place on engagement, with his followers more likely to retweet than anyone else on the list (except the Beliebers, obviously).

Nathan Fillion, best known for his role as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the TV series Firefly, performed strongly on the follower front but lost points because of his lower engagement metrics.

What would your top 10 list look like?

We ranked them by their READ score, an aggregate of three separate scores that measure an accounts following. Reach: how many people could potentially see a tweet; f_ollowing_**:** twitter influence based on engagement; and weight: incorporates earned media coverage with social media presence.

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