The Sunday Times exposes the "murky world of sky-high markups"

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The TransferWise nothing2hide campaign is taking hold. The front page of the The Sunday Times' Money section reveals the hidden costs of sending money abroad.

The Sunday Times used research published by TransferWise last week to warn consumers, "Beware the overpriced exchange rate deals," as it reported that we had "uncovered the disparity in exchange rates and fees levied by high street banks and brokers." In the article, Moneysupermarket's banking expert, Kevin Mountford, backed our campaign for more transparent pricing, saying that "a move to transparent upfront fees is a step in the right direction." We believe that banks and brokers shouldn't hide anything from you and, with the recent backing of Richard Branson, we're going to keep on leading the charge against scandalous overcharging and hide bank fees.

TransferWise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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