The Startup Manifesto: 24 ways to make UK tech the best in the world

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Old Street’s Silicon Roundabout is closing the gap on Silicon Valley as the best place to set up a tech business. A startup manifesto published today points out 24 ways to give London the edge.

Coadec, a non-profit organisation that acts as the policy voice for startups, has released The Startup Manifesto, setting out 24 ways the next government should make Britain a world leader in digital innovation. It will be launched at the Google Campus tonight in an event with TransferWise co-founder, Taavet Hinrikus. With nine months to before the UK's General Election, Coadec is calling on politicians to cut through the red tape that could hold the UK tech sector back. In the manifesto, Coadec argues that the government should make it easier to attract much-needed tech talent to the UK and that innovation should be encouraged, rather than blocked through regulation. Taavet is thrilled to be helping launch the manifesto, alongside Eileen Burbidge, VC at Passion Capital, and Gerard Grech, CEO of TechCityUK, who will also speak at the launch. He said: "Within a decade, technology will have transformed the world as we know it. Banking, for instance, is already changing, and London appears - at least for the moment - to be leading the way." He urged the government to ensure it capitalises on the UK tech sector's recent progress to create a bright future for the industry, arguing that "there is so much more the next government could do to secure this."

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