Starling Bank first in UK to partner with TransferWise

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We’re excited to announce that Starling Bank is the first UK bank to partner with TransferWise.

The partnership gives Starling customers direct, in-app access to TransferWise’s services. From summer 2017, Starling Bank customers will be able to make transfers from the UK to the 35 currencies available in the TransferWise app.

Like us, Starling Bank are dedicated to revolutionising outdated finance and providing a fair, transparent experience for consumers.

Megan Caywood, Starling Bank:

“Starling Bank is delighted to announce our partnership with Transferwise, our first Marketplace partner. At Starling we are committed to creating a step change in banking and enabling people to see and understand their money. A key part of this is offering access to the best financial products and services in the market. TransferWise’s technology and business model have been transformational for millions of people sending money abroad and transferring currencies.

They ensure convenience, offer the real exchange rate, and put the customer first. These are all values that are important to Starling and our partnership signifies a vital step for UK banking customers. Using APIs to integrate best-in-class services from across the market, we can transform the way we we understand everyday money so that customers have easy access and real choice in a way that truly fits in with their lives.”

Starling Bank’s integration with TransferWise follows TransferWise’s successful partnerships with Facebook’s Messenger, Estonia’s LHV Bank, and N26.

TransferWise’s Scott Miller:

“TransferWise is about making it fast, low cost and convenient for people to send money abroad, and Starling Bank shares our commitment to giving people access to fair prices that let them move their money as they choose. The integration makes it super easy for Starling customers to access the TransferWise service.

The partnership is also another powerful example of how the TransferWise API can be used to integrate TransferWise into any UK or EU bank and business payment system. Starling Bank accesses the same API that TransferWise’s business customers use to make thousands of monthly international and domestic payments - it’s an incredibly versatile solution for businesses.”

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TransferWise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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