Game of Thrones - A Song of Likes and Follows

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Which Game of Thrones Character Rules this Realm? Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon that has taken hold of our hearts (and Sunday nights). Like Daenerys in Mereen, we at TransferWise are working on our own revolution (though with no dragons in sight, we’ve chosen transparency and low fees as our weapons of choice). So, as fans of the series, we decided to conduct our own tourney of sorts to see who Facebook fans deemed the true Ruler of the Realm. Throughout the thirteen countries examined, underdogs Daenerys Targeryen -- Queen of the Andals and Mexican viewers -- and Jon Snow -- who has loyal brotherhoods in Spain, Russia, and France -- are widely popular among fans. Yet, it is Tyrion Lannister who wins the ultimate title of fan favorite with top marks in almost 70% of the countries we observed. We also looked at which characters had strong followings in different countries (vs. their global average). What did we find? Sansa Stark is crazily popular in France. Germany and Spain have soft spot for Arya and, perhaps least surprising of all, Petyr Baelish is twice as popular amongst Irish fans. Below is a look at how the main characters fare in thirteen countries across the globe and if you think you can guess the results, “you know nothing, Jon Snow.”

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