Pétanque Contre Les Banques, 2013

1 minute read

A massive merci to all our French friends who joined us on Bastille Day for the 1st annual Pétanque Contre Les Banques. A lot of fun was had, though to be fair it's pretty hard not to enjoy yourself on the hottest day of the year, when the drinks are free ;) Don't forget to check out our French month special offers at TransferWise.com/Bienvenue. In fact, through our Robin Hood offer we've paid our guests thousands of pounds already, including one lady who discovered she'd been charged £499.18 for a transfer HSBC said was 'free'! With TransferWise the charge would have been £130, so today we gave her £100 in cash, and £269 in TransferWise credit. Maybe we're a little insane to offer up so much money just to prove a point. But hey, we really want to prove the point. Check out the Robin Hood offer here, and claim your fees back. See you next year, or perhaps a little sooner if you'd like to send money abroad for free this month.

Vive la Revolution

Team TransferWise

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