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Meet Joe. He’s TransferWise’s US General Manager. Joe is fresh off the plane from England to make his new life in New York. He’s brought his family with him. Joe’s a smart guy, but when it comes to nailing NYC living — how do we put this nicely? He has no idea what he’s doing. There's so much to learn when you move to New York: how to swipe your card in the subway (not too fast, not too slow, and make sure you have the green light before you go charging into the turnstile and injure your kidneys). How much you should expect to pay for a plate of brussels sprouts ($10!? we don’t get it either). How to send money back to Europe without getting stung by a ton of rip-off hidden charges (TransferWise). On that last point, it’s easy to remember: when it comes to sending your money abroad: know more, pay less. You need to get the full story on hidden charges and adjusted exchange rates, and then get the best deal. The experienced locals on the TransferWise NYC team have started making Joe this handy collection of Post-It notes with our top tips for new New Yorkers. But he needs to know more. What’s the number one thing you wish you knew when you first got to New York? Share your tips on Twitter and Instagram with #knowmorenyc and we’ll add them to the wall by Joe’s desk. Joe will be so happy! We’re sure he will be. [caption id="attachment_5159" align="alignnone" width="650"]

Joe's hot tips[/caption]

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