How the TransferWise community is connected

TransferWise content team
1 minute read

When we first started TransferWise, we noticed something pretty special — our members loved sharing the service with their friends. To make doing this a little bit easier, we started the TransferWise invite programme. It works like this: when you invite your friends to TransferWise, you get rewarded. It’s our way of saying thanks for spreading the word.

A couple of years ago, we built a visualisation of all the members who’d been connected by the programme — you can take a look at it here. These days, there are a lot more people using TransferWise, so we decided to do it again. (We used R and Gephi do this, if you’re interested!).


We took a sample of customers from three countries and mapped them together. Each dot represents a TransferWise user. And each connected dot is a user they invited (or were invited by). Proof, if any were needed, of how interconnected the TransferWise community really is.

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