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Good things come in threes, which is why we’re launching international bank details for 3 new currencies — DKK, NOK, and SEK.

That’s right, the Nordic currencies are joining the ranks of British pound and US dollar, Euro, Australia dollar, and New Zealand dollar, as currencies you can receive for free.

Good things also come to those who wait. So sign up for the waitlist to be first to get your very own bank details — so you can receive money like a Dane, Norwegian, or Swede.

Be first in the queue.

We’re still adding the final touches to the Nordic bank details. So to start with, we’re offering 10,000 bank details in each currency. You can sign up for your very own bank details for DKK, NOK, or SEK — or all 3.

Just tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll email you when your bank details are ready. We’ve only got room for 10,000 — so act quickly.

  1. To speed things along, we recommend setting up your borderless account first
  2. Join the waitlist

In need of Nordic bank details for your business? No problem. Just create a TransferWise for Business account, and then join the waitlist for your bank details.

Send, spend and receive like a local.

If you haven’t got a borderless account yet, not to worry — you can get set up in minutes. As well as a shiny new TransferWise debit Mastercard®, you’ll get:

  • The real exchange rate every time you use your debit card around the world
  • Free withdrawals up to 200 GBP per 30 days at any ATM
  • An account to hold and convert over 40 currencies
  • International bank details to receive money for free in 5 currencies

And soon you’ll be able to receive DKK, NOK, or SEK for free, too — just like if you were in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden. No fees, absolutely none — ingen.

Give us your feedback.

Nordic bank details are currently in beta. That means we’re still sprucing things up — and some things might not work perfectly. So, if you run into any issues, we’re all ears. Just let our customer support know.

Tak, takk, and once again, tack.

Got questions?
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