Female entrepreneurship in 2017

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The opportunity to find workplace autonomy, flexibility and creativity are driving women into entrepreneurship.

For International Women's Day 2017, TransferWise has conducted a survey exploring the future of female entrepreneurship, trying to understand the unique perspective of those planning to launch their business in 2017.

Millennial women vs. millennial men

Millennial women are willing to launch with less: 77% of millennial women would be comfortable launching a business or side gig with a savings of $0-5k, as compared to only 32% of millennial males.

Funding remains a major obstacle for women

Nearly 40% of women ages 25-34, planning to launch their business this year, cited securing funding as one of the biggest challenges they expect.

New entrepreneurs pursue ideals not financial gains

Millennial women cite their main motivation for business launch as pride in autonomous work (55%), increased flexibility (18.2%), and opportunity to foster creativity (9%). Meanwhile, established entrepreneurs are driven by profits, citing their main motivation to be financial gains (28.6%)

Millennial women show a wide range of expertise

Industries millennial women will enter in 2017 include wholesale (30%), finance (21%), professional services, such as accounting, consulting, web design (14.3%).

Find out all the details in the infographic below:


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