EBS and TransferWise partner up

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Estonian Business School and TransferWise have partnered up to help international students save money.

At EBS foreign students account for about 30%. But studying abroad means additional expenses. Banks are charging high fees for international money transfers. These fees are often hidden in an unfair exchange rate.

To help prevent students from getting fleeced, EBS has teamed up with TransferWise. Based on a simple peer-to-peer model, TransferWise can offer the most transparent and fair service to EBS students. Head of International Relations at EBS, Katre Paavo:

"In order to simplify and speed up the entrance process of foreign students, but also make it more economical, we decided to start collaboration with TransferWise, one of the most successful Estonian start-up companies, whose competitive advantage is cost-effective international payments”

TransferWise is revolutionising the way in which people transfer money internationally. Transparency. Fairness. No hidden fees. TransferWise co-founder Kristo Käärmann:

“The global team of TransferWise includes people from over 30 different nationalities. They include people who have come to Estonia to acquire higher education and those who have already graduated from a university in Estonia, but also high level specialists who have worked in several places worldwide. We consider an international team one of our biggest strengths”

TransferWise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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