The Best European Cities For UK Students - Copenhagen

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Based on the factors you selected, the city perfect for you is… COPENHAGEN


There are no tuition fees for EU students in Denmark, it’s free. So while all your friends are worrying about mounting student debt, you could be busy getting a top notch education for absolutely nothing! Not only that, but Copenhagen has three separate institutions ranked in the top 200 universities in the world.

Education-wise, there really is no reason not to go.


Copenhagen’s old meat packing district has found an imaginative new use in recent years. The disused industrial space has been playfully remoulded as a clubbing district - perfect for bar hopping.

If the idea of partying in an old abattoir doesn’t appeal to you, there’s a pretty cool selection of music venues playing anything from jazz to electronica to old school rock and roll.


Copenhagen is a haven for foodies, and the city’s thriving street food scene means that it’s affordable even on a student budget. The street food market on Paper Island offers a diverse selection of culinary inventions - all sustainably sourced - and located on the waterfront.

The city also plays host to a bunch of different communes, the most established of which is Free Town Christiania. You can catch a quick tour amongst the hippies by a local if you fancy experiencing something different between classes.


Copenhagen is renowned for its bike culture. Cycle lanes are wide and well laid out, so even the most inexperienced cyclist can take advantage of this cheap method of transport.

Outdoor activities don’t stop there though. Given its coastal location, you’re never far from the many beaches and open air swimming spots found throughout the city. These summer havens transform into ice skating rinks during the - exceptionally cold - winter months.

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