Bonjour! Olá! TransferWise now speaks French and Portuguese

TransferWise content team
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After a few weeks in private beta, we're very happy to announce that TransferWise is now available in French and Portuguese.

We've heard our customers loud and clear, that TransferWise needs to be easily accessible to people around the world, and French and Portuguese are the next step in advancing the revolution.

Now, more than ever, French and Portuguese speakers can take advantage of TransferWise's fast and transparent international money transfers. TransferWise is also already available in Spanish, German, and Italian.

How to enable French or Portuguese on TransferWise?

You can use us in French and Portuguese on, and also on our iOS and Android apps. Simply navigate to your profile settings and select your preferred language.

language settings

If you need any help, our good friends on the TransferWise support team at are happy to assist.

Special thanks

A shout out to Giovani, Reinaldo, André, Leonardo, Fernando, Robin, and Peterson, our customers who helped with translations and made this possible!

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