The Best European Cities For UK Students - Berlin

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Based on the factors you selected, the city perfect for you is… BERLIN

Value for money

A major benefit of studying in Berlin is the cost of living, which is significantly cheaper than the UK. On a student budget you’ll be surprised how far your money will go. For around €500 you’ll be able to rent your own furnished studio apartment in a good part of town, and for under €10 you can treat yourself to a two course meal with wine at a local restaurant.

The transport system is famously efficient, runs late into the early hours of the morning and won’t cost you a fortune.

Free tuition fees

There are no tuition fees for EU students in Berlin. It’s free. So while all your friends are worrying about mounting student debt, you could be busy getting a top notch education for absolutely nothing. With english-taught courses ample, there’s really no reason not to go.


Renowned for its clubs and all-night raves, Berlin has gained a reputation as having some of the most exciting nightlife in the world. Clubs open late and end late, so it’s normal to enter a club around 1am and not to leave until well into the following day. The best areas for nightlife are in the east of the city - Kastanienallee, the Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg.

A big plus for Berlin’s nightlife is how cheap it is. A club night ticket typically costs just €5-10 and a bottle of beer bought in a shop is just €0.90 - a perfect combination for the financially challenged student. And if you're looking for great bars, check out our rundown of the 5 best hangouts in Berlin.


Berlin is renowned for its architecture, both old and new, and street art can be found just about everywhere in the city. While some of the most famous works can be found on the remnants of the Berlin Wall, street art can be seen on doorways and walls in almost all areas of the city.

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