The Best European Cities For UK Students - Amsterdam

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Based on the factors you selected, the city perfect for you is… AMSTERDAM Culture Amsterdam is a small but buzzing city. Its varied and exciting selection of theatre, music, art, dance and history make it a fascinating place to study. The thing which strikes most visitors is the chosen method of transport: cycling. Bicycles and their riders rule the road; so when crossing, look for bicycles first, then for cars. Nightlife Amsterdam has a notorious reputation, but its nightlife has much more to offer than just coffee shops and the red light district - although, they're well worth a visit for first timers. Amsterdam nightlife has something to suit every taste. The clubbing scene is vibrant and DJs serve up some of the best sounds from techno to dubstep, trance to hip-hop, funk and deep house. Trips home It takes just over an hour to fly to Amsterdam, meaning it’s a great choice for those concerned about leaving friends and family back in the UK. Flights are usually fairly cheap, even when booked last minute. Another cheaper (but far less glamorous) method of transport is the coach. London to Amsterdam is a popular route and a coach ticket can be purchased for under £20! Quality of education There has been a recent surge of British students studying Masters degrees in Amsterdam, and we can understand why. The city has two leading universities which offer a variety of vocational and academic subjects, many of which are taught in English. You only have to hang around the student areas for a few minutes to understand just how international the student population really is.

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