We're over 1200 people, from 71 nationalities, working in 11 cities around the world.

Our mission is

money without borders.

Built by and for people who live global lives, we’re the fairest, easiest way to manage your money across borders.

For our customers, using TransferWise is as simple as sending money from A to B, but behind our app and website is a complex engine of currencies and routes, that’s being designed, built and powered by our talented teams in cities around the world.

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We work in

autonomous teams.

You’ll experience radical levels of ownership and empowerment within your role. Plus the opportunity to see the direct impact of your work on our customers.

In practice, this is a lot of responsibility. We give a lot of trust to our teams and they need to be comfortable with that freedom. It’s not just about coming up with bold ideas, it’s about delivering them and being accountable for the outcome.

We hire smart people

and we trust them.

Ever since the early days, when our two founders, Kristo and Taavet, figured out a fairer and cheaper way to send money abroad, our people have gone above and beyond to challenge a system built by big banks and old financial institutions. Because once you find a better way of doing something, it’s really hard to go back.

If you’re keen to collaborate, learn, grow, try new things and aren’t afraid of a bold plan, you’ll fit right in.

More than 80% of our team leads were promoted internally

We're all about growing our people.

There is still

heaps to do.

Today, customers have paid over £1 billion into their borderless accounts and are transferring more than £2 billion overseas every month with TransferWise, saving themselves £60 million every month. Yet we’re moving less than 1% of the world’s money. The scope of what we want to achieve and how much opportunity there is to grow is immense.

The same opportunity is true of a career here. The constantly evolving nature of our business means new problems to solve, challenges to overcome and opportunities for you to impact our customers every single day.

It's no secret that

our environment is challenging.

We want you to be proud of the impact you have at TransferWise and make the most of the career opportunity. We understand that everyone needs a little something different to help them do their best work.

You may need to work remotely or take some time to work from home or abroad with your family. Whatever it is, you can chat to your team lead and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

We also know that working at TransferWise is challenging! So, after 4 years we offer our employees a 6 week paid sabbatical in addition to their annual leave.


We're building money without borders. A fair financial system, built for global lives.

Kristo Käärmann, co-founder

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