Virtual school: Supporting the next generation with tech classes

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At TransferWise, we live and breathe technology. It’s the foundation of our online service. We want to make the world of tech more accessible and make sure the next generation can thrive using technology. That’s why we’re committed to supporting kids and giving them the tools they need to learn how to manage tech, instead of being managed by it.

In Estonia, like in many other countries, schools have shut due to Covid-19. But in this Nordic country, home to TransferWise’s largest office, schools seamlessly switched to online teaching. Teachers either gave their students tasks on a learning platform or via email, and held entire classes via video calls.

To support both teachers and school children in this situation, TransferWise donated 100 laptops through Igale koolilapsele arvuti (“Computer to every school child”), an initiative to support families in need, and gave a number of headsets and other equipment to local schools.

But it’s not all about the equipment. TransferWise employees also decided to share their tech knowledge with youngsters via online video classes. Kids can watch the classes either with classmates or individually to learn more about inspiring tech subjects.

Sneak peek into Artificial Intelligence

Every Thursday in April, TransferWise employees give live online classes on a tech topic, starting with data visualisation and debunking the myth that only maths geniuses succeed in the tech sector. We continue with an introduction to machine learning, followed by a workshop where everyone can have a go at building their own chatbot. The classes will also guide students through the first steps of product building and explain how to successfully turn a creative idea into reality.

We hope that these classes will inspire young people to embrace tech and get them excited about the endless opportunities STEAM subjects have to offer. All the recordings are available in Estonian here.

You can read more about TransferWise’s initiatives in Estonia around STEAM education here.

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