Mexican Peso (MXN)

The Mexican peso is the currency of Mexico. Its currency code is MXN and its symbol is $. To distinguish it from other currencies using the $ symbol, the peso is sometimes written as M$, MX$, or MEX$. The symbol MXN replaced the former symbol, MXP. The peso has a conversion factor of 6 significant digits, and is fiat currency. The most popular peso exchange is with the US dollar.

Currency name

Mexican Peso

Currency symbol


MXN exchange rates

  ??currency.US Dollar_en_CA?? ??currency.Indian Rupee_en_CA?? ??currency.Canadian Dollar_en_CA?? ??currency.Euro_en_CA?? ??currency.Colombian Peso_en_CA?? ??currency.British Pound_en_CA?? ??currency.Chilean Peso_en_CA?? ??currency.Australian Dollar_en_CA??
From Mexican Peso 0.04524 3.34397 0.06039 0.03878 173.14800 0.03547 35.43940 0.06409
To Mexican Peso 22.10250 0.29905 16.55870 25.78920 0.00578 28.19390 0.02822 15.60330

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