How Mickael made 50 GBP by helping his friends

Yesterday we paid out some money. We do it all the time, but this time it was special. We gave £50 to our greatest evangelists – the fans, who use TransferWise and tell their friends about it. World changing movements are driven by advocates and our best advertisers are within the TransferWise community.

I got in touch with one of the lucky winners Mickael, who pocketed £50 yesterday by bringing his brother and two of his French friends into the community. London is the 5th largest French city and 400,000 representatives of the culinary nation live in Britain. Mickael said he found TransferWise on a large French forum for Londoners. Before TransferWise he used to move money between HSBC UK and HSBC France, but figured that his bank profits from their customers even from moving money within their own systems.

Mickael told me that he is using the £50 to pay for half of the South West Four festival tickets. Lucky him, he has also saved enough in bank fees to cover the other half.

There is 3 more weeks to go until this offer lasts. Earn your festival pass or a nice dinner with your loved one by inviting your own friends!


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