Send money to Poland and Switzerland with TransferWise

Poland and Switzerland – two more countries have broken free from the bankers blindfold

We are thrilled to announce that you can now send zloty payments to Poland and Swiss franc payments to Switzerland. On TransferWise you convert your GBP and EUR at the mid-market rate so it won’t contribute anything to your banker’s bonus.
How much are you expected to save on a zloty transfer? Have a look at the comparison we did. On TransferWise you send 300 £/€ for less than a cappuccino.
There are hundreds of thousands of people from Poland living in the UK and continental Europe. Also, the money flow from and to Switzerland made by individuals and businesses is enormous. This is why we wanted to help all the people making these payments to save money which in the past they had to pay to banks and other money transfer providers.
How does money transfer to the new currencies work?
It’s pretty simple. On our homepage you can just select the desired currency you want to send exchange your money to and follow the instructions.
Remember, no registration is required to transfer money with us. We hate spam, too!
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