WiseGuide 1: Money saving tips for International students in the UK

Being an international student in United Kingdom can be an expensive proposition. One of the reasons students interested in higher studies head for the UK for instance, is that the course length is shorter than most US programs. However, there are a number of associated expenses which can burn a hole in your pocket much quicker than you imagined.

As former students ourselves, we at TransferWise thought that it would be a good idea to publish a list of resources and tips that international students in the UK could best make use of.

  1. 1. Deals and Promotions: Studentbeans is an excellent resource for deals and bargain hunting. Targeted purely at UK based students, the site aggregates a number of deals that are active in your city (or online).
  3. 2. Weekday socialising: God bless ‘Quid nights’. Usually there would be at least one or more pubs around school where, between Monday and Wednesday, you would get a pint for a quid. If you could work out which watering hole has quid night on after that very long accounting lecture, you’ll be the darling of the class as the one about town!
  5. 3. TV for free: Most content companies are focussing on multiscreen access to content. The good news is that if your flatmate’s parents have a Sky subscription – do use the Sky Go service on his laptop and hook it up with a TV (HDMI cable will come handy) for all those premier league games that you can now watch at home!
  7. 4. University accommodation is not always cheaper: Sharing an apartment and splitting the costs between flatmates can work out to be a whole lot cheaper than paying for university accommodation which will get you a tiny dorm room for the same price. With a little discipline and a healthy bike ride (dump the gym membership!), you’d end up not only fitter but also have that additional bit of money to spend on a rainy day.

And remember, while making transfers in foreign currencies (like paying for your rent from a European bank account), TransferWise will give you the best deal and save you the typical 5% that banks charge with your every transfer.

Be on the lookout for our next WiseGuide when we shall have a look at a few more nifty forums and methods to save monies on everyday student life!


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