What is the SWIFT code for KeyBank National Association?

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Do you know about the SWIFT system? It’s a messaging system used by banks to quickly and securely send important information, like the information you have to be able to send in order to transfer money internationally. However, did you know that you can save on international transfers with TransferWise?

What’s the SWIFT code for KeyBank National Association in the US?

The BIC/SWIFT code for KeyBank National Association is KEYBUS33.¹

If you’re making an international transfer to a bank account at ANZ, or if you want to receive money from abroad into your account at ANZ, you’ll need the SWIFT code. You may also need the following information:

Bank NameKeyBank National Association
SWIFT/BIC Code for KeyBank National AssociationKEYBUS33¹
Bank address, city & state4910 Tiedeman Road Mailcode OH-01-51-0641, Cleveland, OH 44144, United States of America¹
Beneficiary account numberComplete KeyBank National Association bank account number of the recipient (including leading zeros)
Beneficiary nameThe name on the recipient’s account as it appears on one of their bank statements

What’s a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT code, which is also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), is an international code consisting of a set of characters that can identify individual banks anywhere in the world. A SWIFT code contains all the information necessary to find one bank out of all the banks in the world. That’s why it’s used for international transfers — if you have the correct SWIFT, you know your money’s going to the right bank.

A SWIFT code is 8-11 characters, formatted like this: AAAABBCCDDD.

AAAA: Bank code

BB: Country code

CC: Location code

DDD: Optional branch code

What’s the difference between a SWIFT code, a BIC, an IBAN and a routing number?

SWIFT/BIC codes are used globally to identify banks and financial institutions. Routing numbers also identify banks and financial institutions, but they are only used in the US, whereas SWIFT/BIC codes work globally. IBAN (International Bank Account Numbers) are also sometimes used in international transfers, but they identify individual bank accounts, not whole banks, and they only work in the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Hungary.

Do SWIFT codes change from branch to branch?

SWIFT codes can change from branch to branch, so use this tool to look up the correct SWIFT code for your KeyBank National Association branch. If you’re not sure which branch is the correct one, just use the general code that’s listed in the table above.

What other ways can I send or receive money to my KeyBank National Association bank account?

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